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kids wallpaper border - The Silver Dance Die-Cut Border. Large silver cut -out letters with black edging spelling "Dance". The Free Throw Die Cut Border has an orange basketball-look background with black outlined letters. Both of these are pre-pasted and washable.
sports logo merchandise - Team logos and graphics are updated from time to time. Due to the terms of our licensing agreement, we must sell the most current logos. That means you may receive something slightly different from what was shown or described.
sports wallpapers - National Football League Wall coverings. Pre-pasted and washable vinyl. Twelve inch pattern repeat. Priced and sold in double rolls. Wall covering is twenty seven inches wide and ten yards long. Double roll covers approximately seventy square feet.
Running Shoes

National Football League Wall coverings. Pre-pasted and washable vinyl. Twelve inch pattern repeat. Priced and sold in double rolls. Wall covering is twenty seven inches wide and ten yards long. Double roll covers approximately seventy square feet.
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when a man named began selling inexpensive reproductions of 18th wallpaper and 19th century traditional english furniture. he advertised his mahogany-finished butler''s tables and nightstands in magazines, then shipped the unassembled items to customers, who put them together in their homes. the name was idea. he associated the most glorious days of the british empire with india, and its crown jewel, the city of . he hoped everyone would make the connection. they didn''t but that was the least of his problems. in 1978 was strictly mail-order. sales totaled $1.5 million, and the company was losing money.a new direction then along came canadian robert who found out about the company and was impressed by the quality of the products and the reasonable prices.purchased the rights to develop the company in canada, which included access to the overseas supply channels harper had established, mainly in taiwan. back in toronto, decided to put ''s products into small stores in shopping malls. he believed the concept would attract "impulse shoppers" looking for an attractive product at a very good value.

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